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Flora Of The Himalayas

Experience the gift of Nature


Botanical Tour

The Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalayan Region boasts of a rich and varied plant life and is a haven for the botanically inclined. 

The areas which you will be visiting on your botanical expedition offers comfortable hotels and easily accessible locations where you can drive up to the alpine meadows situated at 5,000 meters.  Our botanical tours is not limited to just roadside exploration but based on your fitness and preference, we will encourage you to explore the mountains and hidden valleys selected for the habitats of special plants by taking day hikes. 

Some of the plants that we can guarantee you will find in bloom are the three species of Cypripedium - elegans, himalaicum and tibeticum,  Rheum nobile, Meconopsis, Saussurea, Cardiocrinum, various Rhododendrons and Primulas to name a few.

Sandwiched between Bhutan in the East, Nepal in the West and its Northern region merging into the Tibetan Plateau lies the tiny Indian State of Sikkim. This State along with the contiguous northern region of West Bengal, is referred to as the Sikkim – Darjeeling -Himalayas. The immense biological diversity met within this part of the Himalaya does not have a parallel elsewhere in the world.

For an exciting vacation that will take you to the habitats of the plants and help you discover their beauty in nature - contact us.


Flowering with shades of white, pink, red and yellow, Rhododendrons are one of the most popular of the flowering plants that adorn the mountains of the Himalayas in the spring.

The Rhododendrons comprise only 1% of the flowering plants, yet it is the Rhododendron of Sikkim-Himalaya that has brought this region to botanical limelight. Sir Joseph Hooker’s remarkable journey during 1848 -1850 culminating in the discovery and introduction of nearly all the Sikkim-Himalayan species focused attention on the genus, Rhododendron, making it an important horticulture plant and resulting in countless hybrids that adorn gardens all over the world.

With over 36 species and several forms and varieties, forming predominant forest above 2000 meters, the forests becomes enchanted with the brilliant display of blooming Rhododendrons, during the month of April and May.



In the Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalayas, Orchids form the dominant flora and about 600 species in 100 different genera are found.

With the possibility of approximately a hundred species that one can see and to make that possible, the best time to visit is any time from mid April till early July. In this tour we will be covering a wide variation in elevation starting from the tropical to the  tundra similar to the Tibetan plateau. As a result, you will find a wide variety of orchids from the tropical Foxtail orchid to the 3 different species of Cyprepediums himalaicum, elegans and tibeticum which grow above the tree lines in the mountains of Sikkim. 

In the planning out our tours, we have the expertise and guidance of veteran Orchidologist and Himalayan plant specialist, Mr. Udai C. Pradhan.

Alpine Flora

The higher reaches of this region was inaccessible and restricted to foreigners in the past. However the abrupt opening of communications in the interior, has exposed the rich floral beauty, and people are once again pouring in to appreciate this gift of nature and admire the beauty of Rhododendrons and other interesting unique plants. The program will give us an opportunity to extensively explore the high hamlets, valleys and gorges of the plateau and mountains around Lachung and Lachen, including the tiny settlement of Thangu & Chopta Valley. The remoteness of this land, and lack of human interference, brings wonderful benefits to the keen plant-hunter.

All in their natural habitat and in bloom will you be able to find orchids such as the Cypripediums and different species of meconopsis, Rheum nobile, Saussureas plus a wide variety of primula and other perennials which thrive in these harsh conditions.

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